I’ve noticed that even though I’m not working at a paying job (yet) I am so overwhelmed with all the work for not just school, but other things as well. Helping take care of 2 week old pitt’s, basic chores, and now I’ve found someone who wants my help editing the English in their new comic series (YAYYY!!!). I really hope it goes somewhere this time… HA!!! They just asked me if I wanted to look over episode 2 yet, SCORE!!!!! Whoo-hoo, I’m on my way up now! Go me, go me, go me!! Ha-ha anyways, celebratory goofiness aside I think it’s worth it, so I’m gonna give it my all 😛



Reaching For The Stars??? Nah, I’m Going to Be The Brightest!! :D

I’ve decided that I’m going to teach myself music theory and learn how to play the Cello… I want to have a band with a Cello in it that introduces some old-fashioned idea’s to the modern world of music in such a way that no one will be willing to believe that one of the main instruments is a Cello. I’m not sure what other instruments I want to have in the band but it will definitely include a drummer and maybe even a pianist. Hopefilly I’ll learn more about the way instruments sound together while studying music theory online so I can give a more definite list. Granted this is going to be several years in the making and may never happen but if I can get my hands in a Cello and learn how to play it then we’ll see where it’ll go from there.

As for the name I’ve had a few idea’s but I don’t want to set something like that in stone until I have all or most of the Band member’s lined up and fully commited. Honestly I don’t care how far we get, but like every artist I still aspire to be the very best. Who or what was my inspiration you may ask… well, just look up the band 2cellos on Pandora and you’ll understand exactly what I mean. I mean, yeah, I love their music, but I want to take it to a whole new level that no one’s ever seen before. I plan to break the barriers that all instruments have their place in certain genre’s and that genre’s, under no circumstances, may be crossed. Just some food for thought there for you…

Here’s some band name’s I’ve thought of:

  • Scorched Cross
  • Blackened Cross
  • Beyond the Mist
  • Contrary To You
  • Reverse(d)
  • Reconception
  • BackWorld
  • BackWorld Remix

Like I said, these are just some idea’s, nothing is set in stone 😛

Link and Video Post Thingies Being Contrary…


As the title suggests the link and video post button thingies are being contrary with this dinosaur of a computer so I cheated and put the link to one of my favorite videos at the end of this post. It’s reaaly good and I highly suggest it to anyone who likes Anime and/or Nightcore so have fun ^-^