Another Day In the Life of Me

Just another day in the life of me
Nothing special, nothing new
Spooky thrills tremble in the night
Children waiting desperately for their fright
I see a vampire in my dreams in the day
In the night I see an angel in his right
Someone somewhere explain my mind
How it is reversed in the day-to-night rites
A shimmer traces trails in my eye
Left-right I look to find tracer of trail
Shimmer again I turn to see
It’s just my reflection staring back at me
I sigh, shaking my head at myself
What sort of life I should have to lead
To wish for something of this sort
Just something to break a normal reality
A twisted or bored mind I wonder
To want normalcy to be the fantasy
And for the fantasy to be the reality
A very bored mind mine has to be indeed




I love how people on the bus can just really piss you of for no real reason, beside the fact that the bleepers are in your bleeping seat!!!! I have issues lol oh yeah, not to mention you’re bleeping STALKER is riding the bus from today onwards :/ I hate the bus driver -.-