Horseback riding Bahamas 2003

Horseback riding Bahamas 2003 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a super energetic and laughable person, when I’m with my friends we’re all trying to catch our breathe from laughing so hard. Some days we don’t even do anything, just start laughing about “one of them things.” I am very much so into Nightcore and Electronic music and, obviously, anything Anime. <3<3<3 But my life isn’t all about Anime, Music, and Laughing my head off… I love spending time with my little brother as well as hiking, swimming, and horseback riding. Never would’ve guessed the last one, would you? Funnily enough my major is English with a concentration in creative writing, go figure! Duuh, I’ve already been published and for those interested in checking out some of my work just go to poemhunter.com and search for “Apocalyptic Angel” under authors, last I checked I’m still the only one with that screen name. And yes, my name for this site is just some Death Note humor so don’t think I’m some creeper out to get people ’cause I’m a psychotic moron. 😛 I’m a little goofy and wild but I’m no psycho. Lastly, since I know people don’t want to read ALL ABOUT ME (^-^) all day, I promote PEACE between all people no matter what they are like, who they are, or what they’ve done… PEACE!! <3<3<3

L  - Death Note

L – Death Note (Photo credit: Sabrina Eras)

English: Book from Death Note Español: El cuad...

English: Book from Death Note Español: El cuaderno Death Note de la serie homónima. Deutsch: Das Buch aus Death Note Français : Cahier venant de “Death Note” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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