This is “Familiar”

So… “Familiar” is shaping up pretty well so far, better than I really expected it to. The main character just needs some design tweaks and be cleaned up a bit (AKA: Not scratchy sketches) and his “partner” is in the middle of a whole new redesign. Sigh! It’s a slow process but it will get there eventually. The story-line is also in the works…. big time. Right now all I’ve really got is the introduction but that’s only because I’m still working on the frame story. I’ll update when I get the chance; school, work, and the holidays is all very stress-making and time-consuming. But I have the general idea for where I am going with it and like I said, I will update when I get the chance. PEACE!!


Commenting – Does it exist?

I’ve noticed that nobody ever really likes to comment on my blog, like, ever. Of course, comment appear to be rare on some of the other blogs I follow too… It just doesn’t make any sense to me. So I’m going to tag the daylights out of this post just to see if I can manage to get even ONE bloody comment. Ciao!


I’ve noticed that even though I’m not working at a paying job (yet) I am so overwhelmed with all the work for not just school, but other things as well. Helping take care of 2 week old pitt’s, basic chores, and now I’ve found someone who wants my help editing the English in their new comic series (YAYYY!!!). I really hope it goes somewhere this time… HA!!! They just asked me if I wanted to look over episode 2 yet, SCORE!!!!! Whoo-hoo, I’m on my way up now! Go me, go me, go me!! Ha-ha anyways, celebratory goofiness aside I think it’s worth it, so I’m gonna give it my all 😛


Link and Video Post Thingies Being Contrary…


As the title suggests the link and video post button thingies are being contrary with this dinosaur of a computer so I cheated and put the link to one of my favorite videos at the end of this post. It’s reaaly good and I highly suggest it to anyone who likes Anime and/or Nightcore so have fun ^-^

Introduction… ME!! <3 (Part 1 of Many)

I’m just another person online doin’ my own little thing… I love music and would love to learn either the electric guitar or the drums so I could join a band, even if it never gets beyond the local scene. Some of my favorite bands are Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, AFI, Skillet, Seether, Two Cellos, The Glitch Mob, Dead Mau5, and Evanescence. I also realllly love anime, especially in Japanese with English subtitles/captions. My ultimate career goal is to be the one behind the scenes editing the English subtitles/captions so people like me can enjoy the numerous shows in their original language, they way they were meant to be.

My hobbies include writing (from poetry to short stories), drawing (doodling and perfecting my free-hand copying), swimming (river just across the road helps lol), and finding mistakes in many of the books I read (lol joking, I don’t really look for them, they just stand out to me like a hooker in the Vatican XD). I like taking walks in the woods, typically alone because no one else wants to go and my family talks to much for me to enjoy any of what nature has to offer to those wishing to partake of it. One thing, well two things really, that I find amazing and beautiful that others feel concerned about the fact I’m so fascinated (possibly infatuated with lol jk) with are the moon and fire.

Fire is… well when I look at it I see something wild and free like a spirit that is full of an undeniable power and serenity that inspires both awe and respect in the most brazen of men. In the moon I see this similar serenity but with a calm that resonates a power beyond our imagining and grasp… the only word that comes to my mind when gazing at this beautiful celestial body is “Mother,” or, to be more precise as like a title, “The Mother.” This is something I’ve never really talked about but now that I think about it I think that I ought to at least write this down so I can align my thoughts into something more cohesive…


But anyways, that’s just a little bit about me, stay tuned for the next installment!! ^-^

PEACE!! <3<3<3

Desperately Needs a Better Name!! ToT

Plot – Main Idea

Derek is your average teenage guy, a little reserved and shy, in high school. His family is upper-middle class and they live in a suburban type community in a quiet “small-town.” He likes to read and is usually drawing or sketching something, so he’s not exactly Mr. Popular at his school, so he tends to get teased at least once every few hours. In the world he lives in the economy sucks so everyone is suffering, if only slightly, from financial issues, including his family. With this stress and the stress from school weighing on his shoulders, Derek takes to hitting inanimate objects in his room (like the wall, bed, etc.) and whenever he’s out alone walking in public (like trees and rubble in abandoned buildings). It’s on one of these walks that he runs into Shintin-su; whose history is what they are trying to uncover throughout the story. She remembers growing up in a large village, the center for learning during her time, with her parents and younger brother and that the main kind of transportation was either on foot, on horse-like animals that looked strangely like a large Dobermans, on flying Doberman-horse-like creatures with scaly skin, or with one of the rare element-wielders who could bid any one element to their will.

As for the characters Shintin-su pretty much tells you everything in the bold part about herself. She’s been around so long the history texts don’t remember the time she grew up in. But basically the back-idea is that instead of moving forward the world reaches a certain point of peace and serenity and then something happens and everything goes “kablooey” so to speak, and repeats the general overlay as the previous cycle. The animals and whatnot are constantly evolving so, like the chicken evolved from i think it was the t-Rex, the t-Rex evolved from something else from a previous cycle and so on and so forth. Derek is basically an ordinary kid, 16 yr. old sophomore, who just happens to be able to see her even when she doesn’t want to be seen.

Blake’s ancestors founded some crazy underground organization that knows of Gaira’s “kind”  and their existence and either traps them for something or simply tries to exterminate them because they felt that they are a threat to man-kind.


Shintin-su Gaira and Derek Blake are the only two characters mentioned. Also, I need help coming up with a title for this story, so please drop me a line!! PEACE!! <3<3<3<3