This is “Familiar”

So… “Familiar” is shaping up pretty well so far, better than I really expected it to. The main character just needs some design tweaks and be cleaned up a bit (AKA: Not scratchy sketches) and his “partner” is in the middle of a whole new redesign. Sigh! It’s a slow process but it will get there eventually. The story-line is also in the works…. big time. Right now all I’ve really got is the introduction but that’s only because I’m still working on the frame story. I’ll update when I get the chance; school, work, and the holidays is all very stress-making and time-consuming. But I have the general idea for where I am going with it and like I said, I will update when I get the chance. PEACE!!


Commenting – Does it exist?

I’ve noticed that nobody ever really likes to comment on my blog, like, ever. Of course, comment appear to be rare on some of the other blogs I follow too… It just doesn’t make any sense to me. So I’m going to tag the daylights out of this post just to see if I can manage to get even ONE bloody comment. Ciao!

Look in the “Looking Glass”

My latest creation, “The Girl in the Looking Glass,” is coming along nicely, even if it is taking forever. I guess that’s something I’ll have to learn to deal with since I’m a full-time student and part-time cashier/hostess. I don’t mean college student though… not yet anyways; I HAVE been accepted to one of my favorites though. Anyways, back to the main point of the post. I really am working hard at it, especially since there’s a chance I could get it published with an artist that I’m acquainted with. I’m just so glad I’ve at least got SOMETHING in the works.

An no, no sneak peeks. Only me the artist and a friend that’s been helping me with idea’s are allowed to see/read the unfinished work. All I will say is that if you like science fictional stories, involving the supernatural, as well as mysteries, you will definitely have a chance of enjoying “The Girl in the Looking Glass.”

PS – Be on the look-out for it in the future on 😀

“… To say, th…

“… To say, then, that I would never again slay a drow, purely because they and I are of the same physical heritage, strikes me now as wrong, as simply rascist. To place the measure of a living being’s worth above that of another simply because that being wears the same color skin as I belittles my principles. The false values embodied in that long-ago vow have no place in my world, in the wide world of countless physical and cultural differences. It is these very differences that make my journeys exciting, these very differences that put new colors and shapes on the universal concept of beauty.
I now make a new vow, one weighed in experience and proclaimed with my eyes open: I will not raise my scimitars except in defense: in defense of my principles, of my life, or of others who cannot defend themselves. I will not do battle to further the causes of false prophets, to further the treasures of kings, or to avenge my own injured pride.
And to the many gold-wealthy mercenaries, religious and secular, who would look upon such a vow as unrealistic, impractical, even ridiculous, I cross my arms over my chest and declare with conviction: I am the richer by far!”
-Drizzt Do’Urden

Ya gotta love ‘I’m 😀


“What eyes are these that see
The pain I know in my innermost soul?
What eyes are these that see
The twisted strides of my kindred,
Led on in the wake of toys unbridled:
Arrow, bolt, and sword tip?

Yours… aye, yours,
Straight run and muscled spring,
Soft on padded paws, sheathed claws,
Weapons rested for their need,
Stained not by frivolous blood
Or murderous deceit.

Face to face, my mirror,
Reflection in a still pool by light.
Would that I might keep that image
Upon this face mine own.
Would that I might keep that heart
Within my breast untainted.

Hold tight to the proud honor of your spirit,
Mighty Guenhwyvar,
And hold tight to my side,
My dearest friend.”
-Drizzt Do’Urden-

Book One – The Dark Elf Trilogy – Homeland – Forgotten Realms – by R.A. Salvatore

This quote is about the main characters faithful companion, a panther

Desperately Needs a Better Name!! ToT

Plot – Main Idea

Derek is your average teenage guy, a little reserved and shy, in high school. His family is upper-middle class and they live in a suburban type community in a quiet “small-town.” He likes to read and is usually drawing or sketching something, so he’s not exactly Mr. Popular at his school, so he tends to get teased at least once every few hours. In the world he lives in the economy sucks so everyone is suffering, if only slightly, from financial issues, including his family. With this stress and the stress from school weighing on his shoulders, Derek takes to hitting inanimate objects in his room (like the wall, bed, etc.) and whenever he’s out alone walking in public (like trees and rubble in abandoned buildings). It’s on one of these walks that he runs into Shintin-su; whose history is what they are trying to uncover throughout the story. She remembers growing up in a large village, the center for learning during her time, with her parents and younger brother and that the main kind of transportation was either on foot, on horse-like animals that looked strangely like a large Dobermans, on flying Doberman-horse-like creatures with scaly skin, or with one of the rare element-wielders who could bid any one element to their will.

As for the characters Shintin-su pretty much tells you everything in the bold part about herself. She’s been around so long the history texts don’t remember the time she grew up in. But basically the back-idea is that instead of moving forward the world reaches a certain point of peace and serenity and then something happens and everything goes “kablooey” so to speak, and repeats the general overlay as the previous cycle. The animals and whatnot are constantly evolving so, like the chicken evolved from i think it was the t-Rex, the t-Rex evolved from something else from a previous cycle and so on and so forth. Derek is basically an ordinary kid, 16 yr. old sophomore, who just happens to be able to see her even when she doesn’t want to be seen.

Blake’s ancestors founded some crazy underground organization that knows of Gaira’s “kind”  and their existence and either traps them for something or simply tries to exterminate them because they felt that they are a threat to man-kind.


Shintin-su Gaira and Derek Blake are the only two characters mentioned. Also, I need help coming up with a title for this story, so please drop me a line!! PEACE!! <3<3<3<3