This is “Familiar”

So… “Familiar” is shaping up pretty well so far, better than I really expected it to. The main character just needs some design tweaks and be cleaned up a bit (AKA: Not scratchy sketches) and his “partner” is in the middle of a whole new redesign. Sigh! It’s a slow process but it will get there eventually. The story-line is also in the works…. big time. Right now all I’ve really got is the introduction but that’s only because I’m still working on the frame story. I’ll update when I get the chance; school, work, and the holidays is all very stress-making and time-consuming. But I have the general idea for where I am going with it and like I said, I will update when I get the chance. PEACE!!


<3 Fun Sized!! <3

ImageI don’t know why people through such a fit over being short; being short is awesome!! I mean, everybody practically has to bow down just to talk to you, like you’re royalty or something.  Also, short people can get away faster in places where there are a lots of objects crammed together, like, say, an obstacle course. There are so many things we shorties can do, like if you’re really short you can be a full-time jockey or the top of the pyramid on your schools cheer-leading squad. Or you could be the best pokemon trainer EVER!! LOL, now you see? We’re not short, we’re FUN SIZED 😀