Commenting – Does it exist?

I’ve noticed that nobody ever really likes to comment on my blog, like, ever. Of course, comment appear to be rare on some of the other blogs I follow too… It just doesn’t make any sense to me. So I’m going to tag the daylights out of this post just to see if I can manage to get even ONE bloody comment. Ciao!


<3 Fun Sized!! <3

ImageI don’t know why people through such a fit over being short; being short is awesome!! I mean, everybody practically has to bow down just to talk to you, like you’re royalty or something.  Also, short people can get away faster in places where there are a lots of objects crammed together, like, say, an obstacle course. There are so many things we shorties can do, like if you’re really short you can be a full-time jockey or the top of the pyramid on your schools cheer-leading squad. Or you could be the best pokemon trainer EVER!! LOL, now you see? We’re not short, we’re FUN SIZED 😀